How are PAYBACKers worldwide doing and coping in #timesofcorona?

We asked them 5 questions under the motto “straight to the point”. 👈

We proudly present: Petra from Austria!

#1 Where are you right now and is someone joining you?
I’m working from home in Vienna since the middle of March. My son is 16 and he is with me every other week. Every second week, he is at his father’s place.

#2 How is life and how are you coping?
Life is fine – there are a few changes I made: In the mornings I usually work out and then have a healthy breakfast. Also, I start with work earlier than usual, between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m.

#3 Is there a noticeable change in your job at PAYBACK?
We are having more video calls – since my whole team is working in Germany and I live in Vienna, it is a situation I was already familiar with, though. I think it is even working better than before!

#4 What are you missing most?
My colleagues – talking to them in the kitchen, having fun and laughing together!

#5 Anything you will do immediately in the #postcorona era?
Meet all my friends and family – and hug them very tightly.

Thank you, Petra!