How are PAYBACKers worldwide doing and coping in #timesofcorona?

We asked them 5 questions under the motto “straight to the point”. 👈

We proudly present: Elisa Caporaletti from Italy!

#1 Where are you right now and who/is someone joining you?
Completely alone unfortunately in Rome, Italy (but books, a nice wine and some vinyl’s keep me good company).

#2 How is life and how are you coping?
Life is completely different but I believe we are the most adaptable animal. I created a new routine and I try to dedicate some time to my body and mind.

#3 Is there a noticeable change in your job @PAYBACK?
PAYBACK is a big family, working by distance in a way can reduce the feeling of creating something together. On the other hand it’s a challenge that can foster collaboration.

#4 What are you missing most?
In my job: the real connection, the stand up meetings over a cup of coffee.
In my life: freedom of doing.

#5 Anything you will do immediately in the #postcorona era?
The simplest things, those are the ones I miss most. A picnic with a friend in a small hidden old square in Rome and a walk by the sea.