How are PAYBACKers worldwide doing and coping in #timesofcorona?

We asked them 5 questions under the motto “straight to the point”. 👈
We proudly present: Ratish Venkitachalam f
rom India!

#1 Where are you right now and who/is someone joining you?
I’m currently located in Kerala, India, with my wife and my 3 year old daughter.

#2 How is life and how are you coping?
Life is interesting, especially when I spend time with my daughter and build a bond with her by reading her stories or teach her the alphabet. Work also keeps me occupied so it is a mixture of both 😊

#3 Is there a noticeable change in your job @PAYBACK?
It is an opportunity to develop remote coordination skills with my team, we have discovered a virtual room concept for team collaboration, which we never tried in PAYBACK India before.

#4 What are you missing most?
The physical presence of my team for a lunch or coffee.

#5 Anything you will do immediately in the #postcorona era?
Organize a team get-together and take my daughter to the zoo 😊